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Time-Tested Vintage Car Restoration
& Car Paint Restoration

At Murphy’s, we’ve been completing classic car restorations since the ‘classic’ cars were brand new. With nearly 60 years of experience, we know how delicate vintage car restoration can be. That’s why we get to know your car, your goals for the restoration, and the best way to complete it in a safe, effective way. Only then do we get started on your restoration.

Complex Repair Abilities

Auto body restoration is unlike some more straightforward auto body work. It’s a delicate, almost artful process. Our Murphy’s classic car restoration experts understand how to deliver flawless results.

Complex Car Restoration
Complex Car Restoration

Experience with Wide Range of Vehicles and Eras

In Murphy’s 60 years in business, you can imagine we’ve seen our fair share of vehicles pass through our garage. That incredibly deep well of experience means there are very few vehicle types, manufacturers and eras that we haven’t repaired.

Passion for Vintage Vehicles

Like we said—Murphy’s has been around since the era of classic cars began. We take that lineage seriously, and it manifests in our passion for restoration work that few other auto body shops can match.

Complex Car Restoration

Classic Car Restoration with the Care it Deserves

Murphy’s has been trusted with our customers’ most prized vehicles for decades. Contact us today to tell us about your prized vintage vehicle and how we can keep it looking brand-new.


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