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Durable & Long-Lasting Powder Coating

We know what some of you are thinking—what is powder coating?

It’s actually a high-tech process that involves covering a surface with a sprayed powder. That powder is then heated, forming it into a protective layer designed to extend the life of whatever surface is protected. We’re now proud to offer powder coating services at Murphy’s Paint & Body.

While powder coating has a broad range of uses and applications, its most often used to form a protective barrier around metal surfaces. It’s used on car rims and other metal elements of vehicles to keep them looking brand-new and scratch-free even after heavy usage.

Powder coating is also an excellent way of preserving resale value, as powder coated parts will stay in excellent condition longer without experiencing as much normal wear and tear over time.

Powder Coating for your Favorite Vehicle

Powder Coating Institute

At Murphy’s, we’re highly experienced powder coating experts with a deep understanding of the best applications and methods for protecting your vehicle parts. Because it’s such a technically involved process with a high need for accuracy, you don’t want to turn to anyone but the most experienced specialists for this involved process.

Overall, powder coating is an excellent tool for protecting auto parts, ensuring that they last longer and look better along the way. So if you want your vehicle to look great for years to come, call Murphy’s today for a powder coating consultation today.


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